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Holiday greetings! [Dec. 26th, 2004|11:38 pm]
raconteur extraordinaire
[Right now I'm feeling... |bemused]
[What's playing? |Bond's DREAM STAR]

2004 was a tough year for most of us Pinoys, what with the worrying political scenario and the various international developments that dragged the peso down and worsened our foreign debt, among other things. That, however, underscores the importance of celebrating Christmas well this year. A sad year that ends on a dismal note doesn’t bode well at all for the year to follow, I think, so one should do one’s utmost to end any year in as positive a manner as one can manage (which, please take note, doesn’t mean that a celebration need be awfully elaborate. You can have a nice Christmas celebration without breaking the bank).

My family celebrated a no-frills Christmas this year, as we usually do. We spent it at home by ourselves; we put no ornaments up aside from a plain white parol; our ‘Christmas feast’ was simple roast pork with cranberry sauce over white rice and a couple of chocolate bars for dessert. After which we watched the news together, and talked and had a good laugh before going to bed. Nice and simple.

I fervently hope that things will be better for each and every one of us this coming year.

Happy Holidays, everyone!
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In a tizzy over ALIAS's Token Nice Guy [Dec. 24th, 2004|06:08 pm]
raconteur extraordinaire
[Right now I'm feeling... |*kilig*]
[What's playing? |Bjork's SONNETS/UNREALITIES XI]

I’ve got a big crush on actor Greg Grunberg, who plays CIA Agent Eric Weiss on ALIAS. He’s best known for his role in FELICITY and has also had bit parts in various movies - he played one of the lab technicians in HOLLOW MAN, for instance.

Greg’s really something to look at - big, handsome and husky, sometimes with stubble (yum!), and often sporting his trademark nice-guy grin. His looks alone make him noteworthy in my book; his easygoing, casual attitude, which I hear isn’t just something he affects for the camera, makes him irresistible. I can’t help but break into a smile whenever he appears onscreen. (By the way, that’s his pic up there.) Plus this guy's a competent actor - he's probably not Oscar material, but he's hardly noontime soap-opera fodder either.

Okay, make that a MAJOR crush. ;)

For the first couple seasons of ALIAS, Eric Weiss was little more than the sidekick of Michael Vaugn, one of the main characters. But little by little Eric’s become a major character in his own right, and deservedly so. Good thing, too, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this guy around!
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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2004|04:46 pm]
raconteur extraordinaire
[Right now I'm feeling... |irritatedirritated]
[What's playing? |REM's LEAVING NEW YORK]

Some people I know, or know OF - some a little better than others, and bloggers all - seem to get their kicks from passing by other people’s blogs and publicly dissing them for not having met their standards in terms of blog quality, personal appearance or what have you. Then when they’re attacked in return, they try to justify their actions by saying that blogs are public domains and they’re acting for the good of bloggers in general by complaining. It gets worse, though - when one flamer in particular was confronted by a blogger she’d made fun of, she justified what she did by saying that the other person’d actually instigated it by putting up a blog entry that deserved to be flamed. Oh please.

Granted, some bloggers’ efforts really are laughable - more than a few blogs and/or posts out there really do suck, and some of these people who go out on a limb by posting OTT pics of themselves on public sites really should think twice before doing so, because they’re setting themselves up for a fall. I do enjoy a good laugh from time to time, by my lonesome or in the company of friends, over particularly hilarious posts and/or pix put up by fellow bloggers. I draw the line, however, at telling them off - not publicly, at least, and not in a gloating or concescending manner. That's tantamount to saying, "I'm better than you are," and rubbing it in their faces.

These flamers irritate me no end. They think they're such hot shit. (I mean, hey, it’s not as if their own blogs are immaculate or as if they’re the prettiest people in the world or something!) Live and let live, guys!
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We just aren't meant to be [Dec. 22nd, 2004|07:23 pm]
raconteur extraordinaire
[Right now I'm feeling... |determined]
[What's playing? |Rilo Kiley's PORTIONS FOR FOXES]

He’s a great husky sturdy thing with a good head on his shoulders. Handsome, too - everyone agrees that he’s major eye candy. But as he can’t give me what I need most from his sort, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that he just isn’t for me...

I’m referring, of course, to the Toshiba e805 I raved about in an earlier entry. Chock-full of features though it may be, it doesn’t come with the one feature I’ve discovered I can’t live without - vibrating event and alarm notification. Plus I can't back it up on neither my iMac nor Beh’s iBook unless I buy expensive additional software. (My office computer’s CD drive’s on the blink, so syncing the Toshiba on it is impossible until it’s fixed, which might take a while.)

So it’s with a heavy heart that I’ve resolved to sell it and buy myself another PDA. I’m thinking of getting the PDA I should’ve gotten in the first place, a Tungsten T|3, which does feature vibrating notification, a screen that’s almost as good as the e805’s (albeit not VGA) and Bluetooth. Also, the T|3’s available for a good price nowadays, even brand-new, since it’s been replaced as PalmOne’s range-topper by the T|5.

I plan to sell the entire package I got from Richie, and I’ll throw in the 128mb SD card I bought as well, to sweeten the pot. When I’ve sold everything, I’ll buy the T|3, PalmOne’s infrared keyboard, and a 256mb MMC card for MP3s and what-not.

Hope I can get this all done before January ends. The sooner the better.
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He's back! The Light-bringer! ;) [Dec. 22nd, 2004|06:18 pm]
raconteur extraordinaire
[Right now I'm feeling... |resolute]
[What's playing? |Simple Plan's ADDICTED TO YOU]

Well, hello there! Bet you weren't expecting this update, eh?

Yeah, it's been a while since I last bothered to even visit my blog, much less post a new entry - so long, in fact, that I'm sure you've already despaired of me ever returning to blogging. If you've thought of me and/or my blog at all, that is.

I went on hiatus from blogging for the following reasons:

1. Plain laziness, ‘nuff said.
2. I didn’t know then if all the effort to come up with perfectly paced blog entries, as is my wont, was worth all the bother.

To be perfectly honest it was touch and go for a while.

I realized a couple things, though:

1. I don’t have to be so OC when it comes to typing up entries. As a friend of mine told me, though one does of course have to take pains to ensure the quality of one’s blog, I shouldn’t have to treat each and every entry like an effing doctoral dissertation or something. Which makes a great deal of sense.
2. I decided, once and for all, that yes, blogging IS worth the bother, for the simple reason that this is something that’s all mine, something I can be proud of if I manage it well...

Let’s see if I can come up with a good sustained effort this time around.
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(no subject) [Oct. 4th, 2004|05:25 pm]
raconteur extraordinaire
[Right now I'm feeling... |coldcold]

Sometime yesterday I found out that my brother's girlfriend's cellphone was stolen sometime Saturday night. That brings to five the number of people I'm close to who've had their phones taken from them (not at gun- or knifepoint, thankfully) or who've simply lost their phones in the last two months or so.

Cellphone pilferage's rife nowadays. An investigative article on that very topic was on the Inquirer's front page some days ago (can't recall even a smidgen of its content though). Plus it seems that not a day goes by that I don't hear of someone whose phone was snatched from them while they were on their way to work or something. In the worst cases, regrettably, some victims try to fight the thieves off and end up paying with their lives.

It's quite worrisome, especially given that I do commute sometimes (something I rarely need to do these days, thankfully). But I've always made sure to conceal whatever valuables I'm carrying and to use my gadgets as little as possible while I'm within view of whoever I'm riding with. Best not to take chances these days; better safe than sorry.
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My new baby! [Oct. 2nd, 2004|11:21 am]
raconteur extraordinaire
[Right now I'm feeling... |Ecstatic]
[What's playing? |Modest Mouse's FLOAT ON]

The (previously) unthinkable’s happened. About a week ago, after a couple of nudges from Richie, I bought his Pocket PC PDA – a gorgeous blue Toshiba e805 – and gave my trusty old Tungsten T to Beh. As it is, I can’t sync it with my Mac (Missing Sync, which allows Sony Clie and PPC PDA owners to sync their handhelds with Macs, won’t work with any Mac OS below OS X) but I’m going to do so with Beh’s Compaq laptop. As soon as I can remember to pack the goddamn sync disc that is. :p

Why’d I switch? I was (and still am) very happy with how the Tungsten performs, but I must confess I’ve been getting bored with the same old Palm interface. It’s damn competent and really quite reliable, but I’ve owned nothing but Palm OS handhelds from the start, and I was itching to see how their PPC competitors performed. Plus – and maybe this is something PalmOne should think about – there really aren’t very many Palm OS handhelds to choose from. The current lineup’s rather thin on the ground, so to speak.

The e805’s a fantastic PDA. Its main feature’s its enormous 4-inch VGA color screen that can be placed into landscape mode (perfect for working on documents!), but the rest of it isn’t exactly chopped liver – built-in Wi-Fi, an SD/MMC slot, a CF slot, excellent battery life despite its 400mHz processor – the whole nine yards! As if that weren’t enough, Rich very generously threw in a bunch of extras: an Innopocket case made of aircraft-grade aluminum and Neoprene, the Toshiba presentation pack (which includes a dock through which the PDA can be connected to a USB device, a projector and the wall socket all at the same time), a USB keyboard, a 32mb CF card, a USB Bluetooth dongle, and a 5-in-1 memory card reader for my Mac.

Tried it out a couple nights ago with the presentation pack and the keyboard (painstakingly typed my contact list up, entry by entry – it took hours!) while playing MP3s. Didn’t have access to a wall socket, so I stepped the power consumption down to 200mHz to save power. The unit did everything I asked of it, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite hours of heavy usage the battery still had 30% charge (though I’m sure with the Wi-Fi running I’d’ve emptied the battery out after just a couple hours or so). This is a bona fide laptop replacement, or it will be once I buy a stand for it.

The best PDA I’ve ever owned, bar none, from one of the best friends I’ll ever have. :D
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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2004|10:25 am]
raconteur extraordinaire
[Right now I'm feeling... |rather hungry]
[What's playing? |Switchfoot - Dare You to Move (playing in my head)]

(Had to rebuild this entry from scratch after a keyboard mishap. Lesson learned – be CAREFUL with the backspace key from now on!)

It’s 10 a.m. on a nice cool Saturday morning. I have my boyf’s little apartment all to myself – well, I’ve had it all to myself since last night, when after our hurried dinner he sped off to one of his preparatory meetings for this international competition he and his orgmates are joining next year.

After Beh’s departure last night I walked to Power Plant to catch the movie version of Robert Ludlum’s BOURNE SUPREMACY. Good movie, despite the fact that once again they refused to stay faithful to the plot - but did they really have to kill off Marie? One wonders how ULTIMATUM will be like without her (if they make a movie version of that one, too, that is).

Oh, and a funny thing happened last night – had a little time before the movie started, so I spent it at Fully Booked, where I bumped into my most recent ex’s current flame at the bookstore. Recognized him from some pictures JR showed me a few months ago. He seemed to recognize me; his eyes widened slightly when he saw me, and he looked away only to take little peeks back at me now and then. Maybe JR’s shown him pics of me or my Friendster page or something. I pretended to ignore the guy, but now I’m wondering if I should’ve gone up to him and said hi instead – I wonder how he’d’ve taken that?

This morning I’ve been busying myself with a book I bought before the movie started – former Hong Kong Governor Chris Patton’s EAST AND WEST. I’ve only just started the thing but I can tell it’s going to be a riveting read. I’ve always found Hong Kong’s turnover to China a fascinating subject, and who better to tell its tale than HK’s last British governor?

Need to eat lunch now – will be off to tennis in a bit.
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2004|12:41 pm]
raconteur extraordinaire
[mood - slightly sleepy]
[now listening to SARAH MCLACHLAN belting out WORLD ON FIRE]

Yesterday I brought home the blanket Beh and I usually use when we sleep - it’s seen almost two months of more-or-less constant usage - and for a minute there I actually hesitated before dumping it into the soiled-clothes hamper. It smells so much like him, y'see. Pleasantly masculine, sometimes with an trace of cigarette smoke... really quite agreeable; scrumptious, even. It's not a strong scent, but it's a pervasive one. No matter how well he cleans his apartment there’ll always be a trace of it around, most especially on his pillows and beddings (which is a good thing, given that my boyf loves to keep his living quarters clean).

I've always been big on smells, and not just the pleasantly aromatic sort that find favour with the general public (e.g. herbs such as rosemary and certain colognes and such, although those'll sometimes do it for me too) - I’ve my own list of weird favorites. I used to wash my face with Lactacyd Blue, and I found the rich milky smell of my hands afterwards to be quite delightful. Sometimes I'll keep a fist clenched semi-tight for around ten minutes or so, and then I'll relax my grasp and bury my face in my palm to enjoy its heated, slightly sweaty aroma.

The funniest thing’s perhaps that although I love scents to distraction, I won’t wear cologne at all. I do have a few favorites - Carolina Herrera for Men, Hermes and Cool Water sit atop my short list - but I can’t abide spraying them on my own body. I think I’d much rather smell them on other people. :)
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oh whatta day [Aug. 22nd, 2004|09:01 am]
raconteur extraordinaire
[mood - energetic]
[now listening to GARBAGE playing STUPID GIRL]

Had a memorable time out yesterday.

Began my Saturday with a jolt of sorts - was awakened abruptly by my boyf’s restless mutterings and movements. I’d spent Friday night at his place as usual, but that night we celebrated our second ‘monthsary’, yay to us! :D The ‘celebration,’ as it were, was nothing elaborate, we’re simple guys - we enjoyed a QAF episode over a large (but surprisingly unsatisfying) pizza from Yellow Cab, a few cans of Diet Pepsi and a cake from Bizu, and a ton and a half of good conversation, our staple. And then we got busy, but I’ll leave the details to the reader’s imagination. ;)

As it turned out, my boyf’s restlessness and subsequent early rising (he got up at 830, and it’s usually really tough rousing him even at high noon) was due to hunger, and I was feeling rather peckish myself. So I ordered up a breakfast feast from Jollibee - sausage over rice and egg + spaghetti + an ice tea for him, tapa with rice and egg + palabok + a Diet Pepsi for me, and we split a side order of garlic rice and the second cake from Bizu. And then, for all the world like lions after a massive gorge, we went right back to bed and slept, soundly this time, ‘til noon, when Beh unceremoniously kicked me out of his place so he could start his weekly cleaning.

So to kill time while waiting for my ‘sundo’, I hightailed it to Power Plant, and settled at Fully Booked. Found myself a couple of riveting books, and read for hours, ensconced in a comfy chair and well-nigh oblivious to the goings-on around me. The first was a ‘fictionalized’ account of one of the pioneering British explorers and his Hungarian-born wife, how they met and fell in love in one of the cities of the Ottoman Empire, and their subsequent adventures in Europe and Africa (what a fascinating story! This one runs like it could be made into a movie). The second was the author’s take on the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West - the subject sounds rather kitschy but take my word for it, it’s beautifully written fiction that never takes itself too seriously, like your common-or-garden fantasy trash novels. Both books are definite keepers.

Then I spent a couple minutes at the Porsche display near the main entrance, which centered around a 911 turbo and a Cayenne, both administered to by the requisite sales and marketing staff and backed up by audio-visual displays. I’ve seen sundry examples of both on the roads before, but it’s always nice to see them up close - neither is truly pretty but both are quite imposing, especially the Cayenne with its massive tailpipes and gumball tires. Surprisingly, neither were in red or yellow or some other bright color, which IMHO should be ‘de riguer’ for sports cars on display; both were in an understated dark gray. Plus the Cayenne was the naturally aspirated version, not the even more imposing, four-tailpiped, red-brake-calipered turbo. Not that I was disappointed, but still. Battlefronts need the heavy artillery, yeah?

After passing by Beh’s for my things, Papa and I proceeded to Glorietta, where we parted ways at the parking lot. He was running to a meeting with some potential foreign investors, and after a little walking around I decided to cool my heels at - you guessed it - Powerbooks. I tried to occupy myself with a light, sort-of trite book on Kokology (a school of thought of sorts which purports to be able to find significant meaning in people’s responses to certain questions, but which ultimately comes across as unscientific and just-for-fun, at least to me) and a couple of photo books on the Olympics and significant people featured in Vogue (?) through the years, and managed to do so ‘til it came time to fetch my man G to bring him to dinner with a bunch of friends and officemates.

Random details about G (though I won’t flesh him out awfully well, of course) - he’s from the States, he’s half-Pinoy, he’s taking his internship at the office, he’s a great conversationalist, and he’s drop-dead gorgeous - think Michael Vartan of Alias fame with a much better body and an amazing smile. Somehow he’s not my type, though. Too pretty perhaps? ;)

After a quick dinner somewhere (my food was no great shakes, it was too damn sweet), it was off to the movies for the group - I saw the VILLAGE yet again, I really do love that movie! - and then we went our separate ways (although G and Co. were nice enough to take me home despite the fact that it was really out of their way).

Upon my arrival at my house, I called my boyf, who was of course still up and alert very early Sunday morning. Someone’d sent him a rather strange message via Friendster, trying to set him up with a friend of hers if he was single and interested. What makes it even weirder’s the fact that this girl is a very close friend of someone I EB’d once and got to like and who never did get to like me back - and weirdest of all’s that the guy she was trying to set Beh up with might just be that very same guy that rejected me. I was a little mad about it last night (did I sound possessive or what!) but now I’m a little cooler. He sent her a message that amounted to a blanket denial of everything she said and everything she might’ve been expecting and/or assuming, too, which is equally important and perhaps even more so given how things are. At Beh’s behest I’ll refrain from getting in touch with my friend, but if matters don’t improve I really will give him a call. This sort of thing’s best nipped in the bud, for obvious reasons.

I’m thinking of meeting up with my friends again in the afternoon and seeing another group of friends for dinner. (Damn, I’m sociable these days.) We’ll see how things shape up.

Off to breakfast!
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